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Our Activities

The Sibebe guided hiking trail takes about 4 hours and is for people who want to keep fit and who are able to walk in the variable terrain of Sibebe. The starting point of the trail is at Mbuluzi and is a steep rocky trail which has several features to look up to such as cave paintings.

As you rise in altitude the breath taking scenery of rocky, smoky blue hills with the veld covered in a green carpet is seen in the background and this makes the trail worthwhile. Once at the endpoint of the trail there are magnificent views open to the surrounding lowlands and parts of Mbabane can be viewed. On this trail there is a breath taking cliff edge viewpoint where the face of the majestic Sibebe Rock can be observed clearly and is a 20 minute walk from the Resort.

On the way to this point is a rock shelter suitable for overnight camping. As you approach the end of the trail there is a castle kopje range 30 minutes from the Resort is by far the richest in biodiversity. Within the piles of rocks are networks of small caves that were formed over thousands of years as a result of chemical weathering processes on the joints of the igneous intrusions. The Castle Kopjes are splendid for rock climbers. 

There are a series of caves found around the Resort however 40 minutes from the resort are caves that have traces of human habitation such as rock barricades that were constructed to shield the inhabitants from the wind and wild animals. These caves are under very big rocks and there is an ecstatic thrill when entering into these caves.  

The micro climate of Sibebe is cool and wet due to its altitude. During overcast and rainy days, wetness of the drifting clouds can be felt on the face as you move around.

Within the castle kopjes 30 minutes away from the Resort, are dense forests of native and rare species. While on this jungle walk in the pristine forest the path has to be negotiated with the dense undergrowth and climbers. 

Sibebe Resort is flanked by two rural communities and visitors are allowed to take walks in the villages, visit some homes and experience first-hand Swazi way of life. Depending on the season, visitors will be given the opportunity to participate in the homestead activities such as ploughing, winnowing, weeding, fetching water and other rural activities. 

Cultural preservation is the most important aspects that we want to encourage. You will be given the opportunity to experience traditional lobola negotiation simulation, folklores and storytelling, traditional craft exhibitions and lessons. As part of promoting Environmental ethics in fashion and design we host Eco-fashion exhibitions where we reward young budding designers in their eco-friendly designs. 

There are beautiful waterfalls which is a 60 minute walk away from the Resort. These waterfalls are formed along the faulted rocky granite bed of the Ntsantsamu River. The latter is perennial and is fed by water from the natural springs around the area. The 3 metre high waterfall has over the years created a very deep plunge pool which is a sight to see. 

This is a short and easy walk about 30 minutes away from the Resort. The trail passes through shrub vegetation, scattered trees, pockets of thick bushes settlements and farms. The best season for this trail is between September and March which is the breeding season of most indigenous bird species. 

Every visitor who visits the Resort is given the opportunity to leave a mark in the Environment. We have a tree planting programme for the Sibebe Resort visitors where each individual plants a tree and gets to name it during their stay. The visitor is encouraged to visit their tree periodically. The trees planted are mostly the indigenous species of the area as our aim is to afforestate the ecosystem around the Sibebe Resort.  

Around the Resort we have one rock art site which is about 25 minutes away from the Resort. This is by far the most valuable piece of archaeological evidence of the existence of Bushmen around the area.  

There are a series of hideout caves around the Sibebe area and one of these is about 25 minutes away from the Resort. The opening of this cave is not very pronounced and it can be mistaken for a single large rock. The entrance is about 1.2 metres and you will have to crawl in and as you enter the space opens up to a height of about 2 metres covering over 300 square metres. 

This is a verandah shaped rock feature situated 30 minutes away from the Resort. It is one of the sites where archaeological excavations were made and where Stone Age tools were found. People in the nearby homes respect this area and it is used as a ritual site for both traditional and religious ceremonies.  

The ride is on the undulating to rugged and can be done by anyone who is comfortable on the quad bikes which are provided for at the Resort.  

Sibebe Resort is the ideal place for Organisational team building sessions. We offer a wide variety of fun games, games that require team work, skill, individual effort, physical strength all tailor made to suit your group’s needs.   

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